Sanyou Lightings

Founded in 2009, Sanyou Lightings Co.,Ltd. aspired to be the world’s leading company that specialized in R&D, manufacture, sales and service of LED optoelectronic products. In the past several years, Sanyou has fed the market on a wide range of LED parts, including sealed beam lights, conversion kits, rear use bulbs, driving lights, bar lights, work lights and special lighting components, for cars, off-roads, jeeps, and motorcycles.

Our Advantages


A world-class team specialized deeply in manufacturing and service of LED lightings for all kinds of vehicles.


Robust standard operating procedures that ensure high quality products and no surprises upon delivery.


Certificate-backed products and service that help you build your ascent towards success with steady pace.


Secrecy and exclusivity always top our partner’s concern and are seriously protected throughout the process.


Choose from our wide range of LED products and become the wholesaler of pride.


With all-star capable hands, Sanyou Lightings is able to make your blueprints come to life.


Sanyou Lightings is ready to deal with every aspect your ODM requirements.


We found ourselves way more than customers and suppliers, SANYOU is our partner in China for more than 2 years now. I truly appreciate their support.

We have worked with SANYOU for more than 6 years now, and are still impressed by their products' quality and excellent service.

SANYOU is customer-centric and are always putting themselves in the shoes of us, all the LED lights are easy to install and super bright.

SANYOU is a no-brainer when we want to use some OEM/ODM service. Their are always under-promise and over-delivering. Strongly recommended.

SANYOU products are well over what's typically expected. They are the lightings know-how, I am placed a lot orders on their site, always satisfied.

We are always stunned by the professionalism reflected in the products and service SANYOU provides.